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Zero Fcks Given

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Zero fcks given, this shit has been had me livid…

Im tired of people trying me like I’m some lame. Mad because I’ve been playing it safe staying in my lane. Taking credit for all my hard work.

But this is it I’m at the point where Zero fcks are given…

Little do they know I see through every last one of their mask. Whispering nothing but filth and dirt on my name, trying to bring my name down with the craziest flames. Wishing they can tame what I’ve gained and maintained. I’ve had it!

Zero fcks given…

Giving themselves credit for my work ethic trying to take away from me and my aesthetic. But won’t even let me be the one to give the credit! Because anyone that knows me knows ima go hard for mine every single time! Soo when it’s my time let me shine. I don’t go around dimming others lights because I think mine is going to shine bright.

I just put the work in with Zero fcks given…

The people I’ve encounter recently have taught me to love who I am despite who’s behind my back bad shaming my name, saying they taught me this game, instead of putting work in and playing the game how it’s played…. But your mad at the player. Maybe you should level up and get your head in the game. It’s levels to this shit. Don’t hate the player, learn the plays so that when it’s your time you can have it your way because you thought it was all about fame trying to throw dirt on peoples names. But we’ll see once you go through the motions what remains.

I’m at a point where Zero fcks are given …

No more unlimited access, thinking you can get free knowledge to the game, when your secretly trying to bring me pain. I peep what’s going on I been knowing for a minute but what’s known doesn’t always have to be spoken, just know I know! If you feel the need to ask me who then it’s most likely you!

Because Me? Keem? Ima keep living with Zero fcks given...

“Zero fcks given” - Simply Keem


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