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Wounded Woman

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Wounded Woman ❤️‍🩹

Wounded woman I know your pain

The type of shit you been through another in your shoes woulda been went insane. You hold a lot of shame. Struggling with your self image, thinking that you don’t make a difference.

Can’t fully come in tune with you until you heal those wounds. Nurse yourself back to health. Find the playful you! Get grounded and find the inner truth. The secret to wealth starts with fixing your mental health! Self love will elevate your vibrations and attract in your favor. In this situation you have to be your own savior. Get up and move your body all over the place and make a silly face! Who cares what you look like or what people think. I bet you’ll feel better after you move and let loose.

Drink water, get in some fruits and veggies! Work out a little and mind your business! That’s how you create a life worth living! Meditate by closing your eyes and opening your eye. Look within can’t you see it’s time to chop it up with the shadow side! Go through the darkness so you can get to the meadow filled with light. Trust once you get there you’ll be alright! All you have to do is connect with inner self.

Remember your wounded not broken! And the key to healing a wounded woman is to heal inside and out. Get up girl and go on with what we’re talking about! Change your mindset! Your wounds will only hold you back for as long as you let it. Let today be the day you decided to no longer be a wounded woman because it’s getting old. it’s played out. Time to grow and sprout!

Take your pain and turn it into power so you can cross out the word wounded and replace It with awakened. You hold the key dont ever be mistaken.

“Wounded Woman”

-Sk 🖤

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