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Who Am I?

“There’s pain behind every picture.

Evolution after the rain.

A story to tell of how self love ended up in a frame.

A frame that I hang on my wall so proudly to remind me of how far I have came.

No shame, no guilt, just memories.

Memories of how I let you into, my scared portal.

Damn I was vulnerable again and again.

Searching for healing, seeking out love.

Until one day I realized from the signs up above.

That love, starts from within.

I am who I was, I am who I am, I am who I want to be.

Through thick or through thin.

As my journey to self discovery begins.

Take a ride with me, while I make amends with my past.

I’ll write my own story down so these moments are sure to last.

Destined for greatness, I now know where my place is.

This world is mine, I claim it.

I am history in the making.” -Sierra M. D.

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