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When love happens

You remind me of home

My safe-haven and comfort zone

You remind me of the beautiful things in life like

The way the seasons change and the stars light the sky

Of the simple things like love

And laughter .

You remind me of

Safety , your my safe space

The key to the box I hide in a safe place

You remind me of the ocean at night

When all is calm and quiet

The Thing that brings my heart back to its baseline

You remind me that love is easy and warm

Your the quiet to all my storms

Your voice is my favorite sound,

your name is my favorite word,

your hug is my favorite place to be

The blanket that keeps my heart warm

Your the reassurance that most crave for

You remind me of my favorite book I’d read again and again

i find myself loving you even on the cloudest days

and sometimes i catch myself in a daze fascinated by your perfection

You remind that love is  like learning how to ride a bike

It takes patience and effort

A love expert

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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