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Un watered

I was hurting in places I didn’t know

Healing things I had no strength to heal

Fixing things I did not break

Putting my sanity at stake

Repeating mistakes that became choices

Listened to voices I should have locked out

Given problems to solve without the pieces

Carried burdens that only caused more burdens

Somehow I haven’t figured out why I’m so broken

Carrying the weight of the world

When earth was made to carry me

I just needed to plant  my feet

And water my own seeds

In order to grow

I had to see

The problem was

I wasn’t choosing ME

I poured into people

Who didn’t have enough to pour into me

While they were flourishing

They were draining me

when the well became dry, and their glass was full

I served no purpose

But all the while I was definitely worth it

So I emptied my glass and shook the tree

Released all the things that burden me

I place the stones , and painted the path

Built my self up from the ground without tipping my crown

Left all those burdens in the past

I stopped watering them and started watering me

Now I'm no longer that un watered tree

I am unapologetically me

Nya Renee 🥶🖤

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