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I’ve been fighting a long fight

when I close my eyes at night

In the morning I wake up and not to my surprise, I’m sore, like I’ve been fighting a war in my sleep.

My dreams they speak to me

They say:

It's deeper than the color of our skin, way deeper than the pigmentation of our melanin.

The topic of conversation has and always been comparison.

This is the world we living in, where the color of our skin can dictate the road in which you’re headed in.

My dreams they speak to me

They say:

We’re all connected yet ego and hate tears us apart

That’s what happens

When hate is embedded in all aspects of our being from the start

Hope for love is no longer a thing

And it seems

Everyone’s desensitized

But I still dream

That one day

When I open my eyes in the morning

I no longer feel like I’m mourning,

Yet the weight of the world that was resting on my shoulders is released and at once we are free

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