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Dear beauty, Not sure how to start this conversation truly. This world has treated you cruelly. Emotions stomped upon brutally. Dropping to your knees Faith broken, can’t breathe. You feel like you’re choking. This heavy feeling provoking. Grasping for air HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE STUCK STRANDED Mind branded by those infectious words. But your heart still feels free like a bird Your triggered Close to pulling the trigger? Remember the pictures much bigger! Just say the words

HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE Grasping for air Chest heavy

lungs tight

Putting up a fight

HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE trapped in this black box. Walls closing THERES NO AIR It’s a mind game. Limited time frame This isn’t real. So your mind claims You're playing a blind game. Brain on fire YOUR TIRED Thoughts racing burning the pavement. Trying to erase them YOU HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

LET GO... it’s weighing heavy. Boulders and bricks Mind is playing tricks. 7 8 9 10 slits Shackled and kicked. BEATEN & DEFEATED your bleeding These thoughts misleading. Refocus your focus Things are weary Hard to think clearly They care about your dearly Come up for air YOU HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE TRAPPED walls caving Contemplations Trigger finger

Guns blazing Is it worth it?

-Nya Renee 🥶✍️🖤

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