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It was one hell of experience how to explore my inner innocence

A new experiment , took you out your element

Had her feeling relevant

It was evident , you couldn’t see that between you and me

you were the master mind

Traveled back in time

Content in what your use to

Adjusting to your new boo

I guess she was easy to get use too

Your ex bxtch used you

Adjusting wasn’t something you was use to …

I guess you never got the clue

See 1 plus 1 equals 2

Who fucking knew

It was me and you against the world

Now that’s old news

And the conversations become irrelevant

Guess it’s cuz your arrogant

you got to comfortable

this love was free

No deductible

Use to sit back and chuckle

Laugh about things that made us uncomfortable

This love was easy peasy

but you couldn’t see me

I was to hard to love

because you made it hard to love me

Put no one above me ?

I was kinda judgmental ?

And thats fuckin with your mental

I was just your reason to escape her

A little piece to the puzzle

you sit there reading this all puzzled

Talking all this mumbo jumbo

You know how this shit go back to the intro

It was fun , had a good run all this back and forth shit is done .

Time to think about how you messed up

And the situation got you pressed huh

I wish you the best love

Your incredible and I’m unforgettable

Forgive and forget

Let’s leave this here no regrets

  • Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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