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This Life

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Been feeling a little weirdly

Ain’t been thinking clearly

Don’t want no one near me

Been sleeping ?


Heads been a little cloudy

Moping around all pouty

I need something to connect to

Ain’t been feeling like myself

like I’ve been stored on a shelf

Might be depression

And it’s depressing

I’m tired of stressing

The what ifs

Might just spark a spliff

Something to uplift

Let my emotions run away with me

My misery doesn’t need company

I need something to comfort me

But mfs get to comfy and that’s to much for me

I like my space

I got a void I cannot replace

Then my minds starts to race

I’m just trying to erase

This angry ass place

There’s no more space

Space in my head

That these thoughts have made their mf  bed

Give it a rest

Hoping for the best

Life  hasn’t been easy

Just need something to free me

I want to live freely

This is a small storm

Wasn’t part of my forecast

Suppress the past

This too shall past

My mind body and soul

Free at last

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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