The Silent Win

The Silent Win

You know those battles? The ones nobody openly talks about? I wanted to make it a point to point out that even though you’ve been dealing with your hurt and pain alone in the most humblest way! You should be proud of yourself! Emotions all of the place, Tears dripping down your face…The tears barely even express the pain but still you take a couple of deep breathes then wipe them tears away! Fighting battles no one knows about behind closed doors. You swap your mask out so well ppl can’t even tell that your dealing with a situation alone!

Some of the greatest and toughest battles start from within! Ppl on the outside have no clue what your dealing with. Truth be told some of them wouldn’t even know what to do if they were in your shoes! But YOU?! You strap them up nice and tight! Your figuring it out… this thing called life! Your Putting up a fight… to put yourself in a better position to win! Take your time nobody knows what your stillness looks like but you! When I say you wear your pain so well they don’t even have a clue what your going through but that’s okay! What’s for you ain’t meant for everybody! So it’s okay to do this alone! Before you know it you’ll be fixing your crown sitting on your throne smiling because they didn’t even have an idea how much it took to get you back to who you’re meant to be! This battle is yours! Silently and all this is your win in the end .

“The Silent Win”

- Sk

Journal topic 1: Gratitude

When trying to manifest abundance gratitude is key! Can you make a list of things you are grateful for and why your grateful for them?

Journal topic 2: Battles faced alone

Can you think back to a silent battle you had within ? What was the hardest part about the battle? And how do you feel now after going through the motions by yourself ? Write then Reflect!

Good luck and happy journaling!

Sending love, light and healing energy always,

-Simply Keem 🖤✨


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