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The Problems In The Local Fashion Scene

Models, we got um, creative designers, we manufacture them, talented photographers, coming from every corner of the area, stylists and creative directors, I've worked with them, the area has an emerging plathora of them. So why has Albany still not taken off as the upstate fashion hub? Simple answer. Small town mentality!

Having personally worked some of the biggest and best productions in the area, (Stitched Volume and Hair Show, Curvention, Capricorn Bash and Hudsons Forever Young Show ) I can say with 100 percent confidence that the talent and creativity is right here to rock the states fashion scene and maybe even grow to national recognition. These shows, while different and produced to speak to different demographics were outstanding productions and instead of fueling conflict among directors and producers should serve to light a spark under the collective butt's of everyone in the area of what this areais capable of bringing to the table. Not only did these shows set the bar by which future shows in the area should be judged.but they also showcased the creativity, artistry and drive of the people leading the charge.

While the shows have been great and the depth of talent has been showcased. The 518 still continues to struggle to find its identity as a fashion stronghold. The problem is really quite simple. Small areas struggle to work together because they subscribe to the belief that for a star to shine another has to fall. This belief is the chain that helps to restrict areas from reaching their full potential. Why slam a production because you were not selected from a casting call. Maybe you were just not right for the show, maybe people were better, maybe it takes more then a pretty face to be a model and maybe you should utilize that failure to work harder. Whatever the case, improvement only happens when you take responsibility for your own failures and work to overcome them and succeed. Understanding that slamming another production, model, photographer or designer does not elevate your position among area artists, it rather serves to diminish your star and make others reluctant to work with you. For goodness sake let you talent and hard work stand on its own merit.

People are increasingly leaving this area to further thier chosen artistic endeavors. Everyone that I have talked to has not left because of lack of opportunity but rather the clicks that have emerged and the unprofessional manner that business is conducted. Although I totally agree that this phenomenon can be exhausting and frustrating those of us who either cannot or will not leave the area need to put our collective heads together and work on fixing it. Although there have been some great efforts to have mixers and social opportunities to bring groups together but these efforts have mostly fell flat. I'm thinking it needs something more, a deeper approach. Something that unites us.

I'm interested to hear your feedback and ideas feel free to comment. Thank you.

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