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The Motion of Emotions

Mentally she's gone in this physical plane of existence. Feels like lately she's doing just that, simply existing.

She's been Mentally gone for so long, trying to figure out the algorithm and go through the motions of all her emotions.

But that’s just it instead of hiding them she has to experience and feel even when it feels like she's too numb to heal. I guess in the moment here mentally is where she is meant to be but really deep down here doesn’t feel like home or a place to be!

She's not scared of the unknown, But more so scared of what she knows. It all seem unfamiliar. The things she was taught, the paths that she has walked, the times that she fought. It was all for what?

To sit there in this moment trying to regain focus of all these notions because at times she doesn't know how to be well spoken, even with herself and it’s she who knows the words that she is trying to spit out.

Mentally gone but not for too long, she'll be back and once she is the girl you once knew is gonna be gone for real!

"The Motion of Emotions"

- Sk 🖤

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