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The Last Flame 🔥

Somebody give this pen a heart   

I got some shit to start

Write it down so we can part

Shit where do I start ?

I wore my heart on my sleeve

That gave you access to come and go as you please

Got my blood boiling on 100 degrees

Bow down mf

get on your knees

Now you're begging me please

Who’s  better than me ?

This was a test

You're just like the rest

I gave you my best

And you played with it

You thought I would chase you

Na I’ll just replace you

Everyone is replaceable

Something’s better left unsaid

Left all your message unread

You made your  bed

Now lay in it

Matter fact stay in it

My life ?

There’s no place in it

Me ?

Good luck replacing it

Feelings got you pacing

Heart racing and shit

You look like the pits

It’s pitiful

It's really incredible

How you thought you’d find someone more edible

to indulge in

Now your bank accounts are frozen

I’m on vacation

finding sand to put my toes in

Oh you thought I was broken ?

All you choices were chosen

All your lies closed in

Out of sight and out of mind guess you can’t read between the lines

Clearly loving you was the crime

Damn , I must have been blind

Wasting all my fucking  time

All your deceit

On repeat

Clearly I was only a retreat

Because you needed peace

Ain’t tell nobody how you was on my body , cause you was my favorite body but you making it seem like I was a hobby

Just something to do when you was bored , you was all I adored .

Now You’re acting all delusional

I’m not dissing you just dismissing you

I took the bait

But you’re not the last thing on my plate

Actually the next dude already took your place

Guess now we can relate

This shit ain’t up for debate

Now you know your place

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