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The Glass View

Got a problem? Don’t panic! Don’t stress yourself or become manic. Give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts so your not feeling so lost.

Find Solutions instead of problems!

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breathes . Why worry? This is just another test! Your Intuition is the best! Just know you gon figure it all out! Stay calm and level headed don’t let your pride make you put the bigger picture aside! In your mind is where your worries and thoughts forever reside. Just take it in and Identify!


Learn, Grow, Rise!


Yeah it’s known that you usually don’t let shit slide! But this time .. you gotta pick your battles! No I’m not saying sit and settle. Be true to you! But right now it’s Bigger then your feelings and you!


In your lens do you see the glass half empty or half full?!


You get to choose how you look at things! shed light on the situation. Look within! There has to be something right in front of your face that you’ve been missing! But now your on a mission to find a solution. Don’t let the negativity fill your mind w pollution. Be clear and stay out the way! Never mind what others have to say! Relax and just take it day by day! Some days you may feel empty but remember to change how you look at life! Instead of looking at the glass half empty look at the glass half full ❤️

“The Glass View”



Journal Topic: The power behind faith

People don’t realize the power behind faith. Mindset is EVERYTHING! When looking at situations people tend to look past the power they hold within themselves. It’s important to stay calm and level headed and actually believeing in everything you tell yourself! Thoughts create reality! So if you know you know… just like words are spells Your mind is a powerful tool when manifesting. Faith is truly something when trying to achieve anything in this life! Having faith is essential. Confidence is important! Perception is everything ! Is there a time you can think back to that if you would have changed your view things could have ended up better for you? Or how can changing the way you look at things help you for the better ? Think and reflect .

Happy journaling !!! Sending love, light and healing energy always,

-Sk 🖤✨



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