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The Edge Of The Ledge

The Edge Of The Ledge

On the edge of the ledge is where I tend to push all the piece of me I wish to not see…

…. But once I’m there, I realize that all I see are different versions of me “who I couldn’t dare be.”

I chuckle and laugh because it’s just simply me sitting at the edge of the ledge where I’m supposed to be.

Yeah, I get it now Universe. It’s just you and me. I feel the vibes. We’re on the same frequency!

Recently, all the missing pieces of me that I’ve left on the edge of the ledge have been calling me. I’ve learned to accept that they are a part of me.

Soooo here I am on my way to the edge of the ledge so I can collect the parts of me that I abandoned because I thought they no longer served me.

… But as you can see, I’m still learning. I’m working on softening my path and being less resistant. I’m no longer forcing myself to fit in society’s ideals of tradition.

I’m choosing me and that’s all of me. So now I’m here to pick up my other pieces, the ones that I wanted to be unseen.

By standing on the edge of this ledge it clicks! I get it! I’m exactly where I need to be!

Unapologetically free, I can now see! I came and got what I needed. I'm turning around because I am whole. I got me and when I say me, I mean all of me, even the unseen.

“The Edge Of The Ledge”

-Sk 🖤✨

“I lost my mind and told everyone that I found it” - Viral Freestyle x Eighty Gee

( link to song at the bottom of the blog )


Journal writing prompt

Was there ever a time you felt you needed to play society’s ideal role of a decent human being? To where you may have started to overthink the whole person that you are? Have you realized that a lot of what you learned doesn’t sit right with who you are? Maybe your not crazy! Maybe the way we were programmed to think is crazy. Who knows? But then maybe we are just “the crazy ones” who don’t seem to always fit in.

We’ll for this writing prompt you can just simply go back through and answer the questions to yourself silently or write in your journal! No pressure!

1) If you thought to yourself yes to any of the questions. Think about what it is that was unsettling. Why do you feel the way you feel?

2) Do you recall a time you felt like this? Have you felt like this on more then just one occasion? If so can you compare two experiences that felt similar? Was there a common denominator? Think about it and reflect!

Good Luck & Happy Journaling! ✍🏽📝

Sending Love, Light and Healing Energy Always,

Simply Keem


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