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Tappin in



Look at HER Spirit so free! She is taking control and she is stepping into her divine feminine energy.


Can’t you see?

As long as she’s here, she dares anyone to interfere…. With who she is. She’s waited long enough; she’s grown in more ways then anyone knows. Some say she’s being selfish, when in all reality, her whole life she’s been nothing but too caring and selfless. Chakras outta wack. She used to be off balance, emotions all over the place. Truth be told, it took for her to hit rock bottom and realize being still and indulging in self love was the true medicine to heal. She needed realigning.. but hey, don’t they say that comes with timing? Even though time isn’t real, but stop playing because you get the deal. Just know she’s been working! Get ready because…


She loves who she is. She never needed rules. Her intuition always showed her a way! Sis is young, wild and free unapologetically. She’s living life regret free and peacefully! She’s a magnet. She attracts who and what she wants so effortlessly! Her nurturing spirit resonates on a level that makes you look at the ideas of love and life differently! She’s one of a kind! Real Queen Energy!


She speaks with such ease. In a way, she’s unpredictable, spicy, and not to mention a super tease. She’s an uncatchable catch; eye candy for sure. She is coming into who she was born to be. Her aura is blinding! All eyes on her! Self-love on fleek! In tune with her womanly energy! Goddess frequency, forever a Queen she’ll be. Regardless of what anyone says, she's careless because…


She’s soft and sweet. But don’t get it twisted, when coming at her, you can’t come with low frequency tendencies. That just won’t cut it! Home girl knows she’s tapping into her divine femininity. She wants to be inspired and uplifted by woman on the same frequency! The ones that dance and sing with no care in the world. She’s in a great place mentally. She has awakened. She’s a radiant force and she’s destined to be reckoned! She is determined to rise. She wants more and she will give it to herself without hesitation. Queens trust that we’re seen doing our thing! Tapping into our ying! We’re here to experience life and all it has to offer. We’re getting in tune with being softer. WERE TAPPIN IN TO OUR INNER GODDESS AND DIVINE FEMINIE ENERGY!



-Sk 🖤✨

Lemmeeeee pick your brain 🙃

Good luck & Happy journaling!

Sending Love, Light and Healing Energy Always 🖤✨,

-Simply Keem


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