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Street Statistic

Street Statistic

Some of us have been victim to these streets since before we could even make a peep! Torn before we were even born. If you know you know that the trauma is stored in certain body parts. All those tears mama cried with her child inside! She knew life would be hard but still mama couldn’t wait to meet her little shining star even when she couldn’t do anything but try! She couldn’t fantom the thoughts of feeling lost at heart! The type of shit she experienced would normally break most families apart! We were thrown in and told sink or swim! What route you taking? Stagnant or free?


That’s something we’ll always be! We wanna win but we never wanna listen! Regardless of any situation your living, the real questions is what street statistic are you? Are you gonna play the role of the smart one or the fool? This shit is super basic! School is in session! Mental health being the lesson! They don’t tell you how important mental health is! Yet they got us out here traumatized, making real life decisions when we ain’t right within! It Starts with our mental. I know it’s something we don’t wanna hear tho! We gotta work on our inner child! Heal some wounds and get intune! We need to put our pride aside so we can finally confide and not hide! When the streets don’t love you, you gotta love yourself and those who went through it like you did! Know the struggle and experience it, embrace it and take what you need to take from it! But don’t ever get it mistaken! The streets don’t love you! It never did but those around who see you sinking instead of swimming and accepted you for all that you were even when you couldn’t give! Now those are the ones who love you and want to see you win! You got the potential to be bigger then the life you were gifted ! It’s your script you act that b*tch out how you feel you need to even tho it is already written.

Don’t fall victim to the streets! Please! I know you already lost a couple people whether it was to the system, streets or drugs! It’s not fair ! That shit ain’t love! So hold ya head up ! And please don’t hesitate or think twice! Get up and out them streets and save your own life! We’re more then what we’re perceived to be! Don’t let anyone try to tell you different!

Me? I handle my handle but I honestly can’t handle anymore of my people going missing! Please just take the time to fix ya mental so you can show these people your more then just potential! Having you in this life is essential so protect your peace by any means! Be mindful and sentimental to the fact that people in your life love you more then the streets can or ever will! It’s more then just the fun and the thrills!! Open your eye and see! We can’t let history repeat! We need to rebuild, reconnect, and refocus before it’s too late! No more being bait! There’s no more time to wait! What statistic are you? Please tell me your choosing to not be the fool! Many blessings to all of you! Street Statistic”

- Sk 🖤✨

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