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Stand on it

There’s this girl she loves to play all day

She’ll play all your games. Until you really try to play in her face. She’s sweet and gentle until she feels hurt.

Like a flip of a switch ,

She’s a goddess and karma wrapped in one. The ride for her is fun as it comes down to

the thrills of the unknown and the surreal.

It’s all sweet until the deal is sealed because at that point is when shit gets real. Isn't that normally how it plays out tho?

She’s the type of chick that’s gonna tell you how she feels… So tread real lightly.

Those thrills and chills she once gave you will be exactly the opposite once you try to get over on her. Your still gonna feel something just not what you once seen as a breath of fresh air and fun.

She gonna gonna make you stand on it all. Every mf time.

So if I were you I’d keep it real because there will come a point in time where she will leave you in a drop of a dime. She’s as real as they come! The pain you’ll feel after will make you wanna run and may even have you sucking on ya thumb! That’s the type of shit you get for ruining her love!

Make sure you’re ready. Keep it consistent and steady because she is going to make you stand on everything you said you are and will be because she see all that you thrive to be. She will hold you to who you claim you wanna be but don't be mad when she sees beyond what you want her to perceive.

The realest thing you can do is...


-Stand on it x Sk

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