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Soul Craving

Soul Craving

The soul I crave? I crave a soul that’s similar to mine one who’s spirit is free and beauty is pure and divine! It’s something that goes deeper then any eye can see! Their aura is one of a kind. Light so luminous you can’t help but squint. Goal driven that’s a given! Top tier I know ima stay cuz Im going to love it there! Respect and integrity? Ouu you don’t know what it does to me. Its something about that healthy grounded masculinity, you know the type that lets you fully express your femininity. Clear, confident and focused. Now that’s some real masculine energy! Together we’ll accomplish our dreams you’ll see! Their words will match their actions. A person who isn’t afraid to say they know what they want and that they have to have it. Forget dating! Aren’t we really soul mating? Man I told you it’s really something about this soul I’ve been craving! Super In tune with self! Wounded yet awakened! Always real ain’t never been one to fake it. I told y’all it’s really something about this soul I’ve been craving! Can’t wait to experience intimacy on another level. A place where I can be me unapologetically and I’m looked at and loved genuinely. Can’t wait to meet the soul I’ve been craving!

“Soul Craving”

-Sk 🖤✨

“Where there is love there is life.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

I feel like as people we fail to realize that the reason many relationships don’t work out is because we’re so busy trying to love people the way we want to love them and not the way they crave/care to be loved. Study your partner and learn their likes/dislikes and try to avoid their triggers. Im telling you once you know their love language and they know yours watch how much more beautiful your relationship becomes or if you don’t have a partner focus on self. Watch how beautiful, knowledgeable and accomplished you are going to feel after becoming aware of what your love language is 🥰

Journal Topic:

What is your love language and If you currently have a partner do you know theirs? If not try to think about it! Knowing how they need to be loved and explaining how you want to be loved could really spark something amazing for you!

A good place to start is doing some research learning and innerstanding/ overstanding the Five Love Languages.

-Affirmations, Quality Time, Touch, Service and Gifts!

Good luck!

Sending Love, Light and Healing Energy Always,

-Simply Keem


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