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So Whats Wrong With Your Man?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Well If we are really going to be honest about it, it's probably you. Okay, I'm probably not going to make any friends of the opposite sex with that answer. And the good news is I'm used to not having many friends anyway. If we are going to be completely honest here, it's the only answer that makes any sense.

I'm no psychologist and I surely don't play one on TV, but I have read a book or two enough to understand the principle of human conditioning. This principle is pretty straight forward. It works like this. Two stimuli are linked together to produce a new learned response in a person or animal. John Watson took things a step further and reasoned that based on Pavlov's observations he could explain all aspects of human psychology. Let's take a deeper dive into how this works and why I blame you for your current relationship condition.

Ring the dinner bell and feed the dog several times and before long the ringing of the dinner bell causes the dog to salivate. Pavlov's classic observation and understanding of conditioning. Humans work much the same way. We are conditioned when to eat, when to sleep, and how to act in given situations based on the stimulus we receive from the action or inaction. Simply stated, you touch a hot iron and more then likely that won't happen again. Hell, even if you know a iron has been unplugged for a long period of time you still are conditioned to touch it quickly to test it out. Relationships work in much the same way. As men we are conditioned to try to get all our needs met from a relationship, while giving the bare minimum we have too. Let me better illustrate how this has come to be.

Years ago before a man got his needs met from a relationship with a woman he had to actually put in some work. He basically had to prove himself worthy. Having the ability to support a family, a hard work ethic, and honor were but a few things necessary before your needs were even considered in a relationship. You had to show a commitment to the woman before she attended to your needs. What did this mean? Well basically you had to put a ring on it before you enjoyed the spoil of the hunt. Before you get your underwear all in a bunch, I'm not just referring to sex. Most of what men do, is done to attract attention from the opposite sex. So, if getting the spoils of the hunt is as simple as having a car and a job then so be it. If there is no requirement of being honest and trustworthy, okay. What I'm trying to say is women you drive the rules of when men get to enjoy the spoils of the hunt. You have excepted the very minimum of what and who we as men are. Then you set back and complain about what you get in return. You have given them the spoils without earning anything and why are you surprised when you receive so little back in return. Lets go back to conditioning to make that point.

If the government paid you 3000 dollars a month to stay home for ten years. Do you think the motivation to work in the vast majority of individuals would be dulled? You think if your job paid you 3000 dollars to come to work and the stay at home benefit was the same, do you think managers would have an impossible time getting work out of most people? Well of course it would. because we had already been conditioned to receiving 3000 a month for doing absolutely nothing but waking up.

Ladies just understand anything of true value has been earned, not just given. We ultimately cherish that which we have worked hardest for. So if your struggling with man issues maybe you can trace the roots back to what was given versus what was earned. Sometimes as I scroll through some of your posts, I'm completely amazed at the graphic detail in which some of you describe aspects of your life. It shouldn't surprise you what type of man you are attracting. Yes, it's the very same type that are intrigued in the first place by your suggestive posts. He knows already that your willing to accept the bare minimum from him to get the spoils of the hunt. Why give more when you don't require more. If by chance your thinking that you don't care, maybe that's true at this time, but the conditioning that men are receiving from you and your peers is not easily broken. So the next time the phrase "Men ain't shit" rolls of your lips, ask yourself the question, Am I the Reason? Remember if a problem seems to have no solution and we know they all do, maybe your trying to solve the wrong problem.

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