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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Sometimes as a photographer you work with a model and things just click. Ya know things just work out, the shoot goes incredibly well, your pictures are amazing and it just was effortless. Kiyattra Thompson first shot with me in July of 2016 this was also my first fashion shoot. If she was nervous at all it certainly didn't show. When I first saw her she just looked like a Queen of something!!! Kiyattra or affectionately know as Kee was so cool that I felt like the rookie. Well I was, but shit, she was too. I figured she was a signed model, she must know more then me. That day I worked with a male model from Baltimore (turned photographer) and yes I follow his work because he has matured into an amazing talent. You can check out his work on Instagram @teacopeulous_photography Also on that day, I was blessed to work with my wonderful and gifted niece Elona Hope who was also signed to NLM Management. You can check out Elona's work on her Instagram @Elona_Hope The shoot went amazing for my first fashion shoot that is and it really set the stage for all that would follow.

Kee and I did two more shoots while she was under the NLM managment group. A second shoot in 2016 and one in 2017. For reasons I'm not really sure about the management group folded up and went with the wind and so did Kee. So we thought.

Kiyattra would re-emerge in 2018 for a different reason. I was contacted in 2018 by a family looking to contract my services as a photographer to shoot a baby shower. As fate would have it, the mother to be was my 2016 first model Kee. Big, pregnant and just as sweet as ever. The party was terrific, Kee was amazing as usual and just like 2016, we just clicked.

Fast forward another year. Kee back in hiding, my business taking off and I'm looking for someone or something different. Just like that Kee comes across my Facebook timeline. I remembered just how well we clicked, her different look, and in a time of wigs and braids she had thick beautiful hair. Just what I needed! A natural look!

So a few weeks later I contacted Kee and told her about my idea. Honestly, I thought she was going to jump right through the phone. I told her I had a designer that was working with me on a project that I thought she would be perfect for. She was appreciative on a level you seldom see in this industry and it was completely obvious that although she wasn't presently modeling, this girl was a model. So the plan quickly came together, we pulled off the shoot and as soon as the pictures dropped. Bang, Zoom, Pow! She was back. Not just back but positioned to make some waves in the 518.

The shoot was such a success that as we were wrapping up that shoot, I was already planning a BRANDED shoot with Kee. I knew she was just the type of young lady to push and advocate for your brand. I wasn't worried about her image, her social media account or her character. Kee is just that. The total package. She is just rare. Humble, loyal, funny, caring and I could go on but I need to be able to get her head in the door the next time we shoot. No. Seriously, I would never have to worry about that with Kee. Simply put she's the real deal.

Since the BRANDED shoot Kee has been on a rampage. She has work with Studio 428 on some incredible projects. She has grown as an artist. She has learned to put on an outfit

get into character. and become whomever we are looking for her to become. She has attained so much growth that she can now pull off different looks and themes, be respectful of your time (always punctual) and still be an absolute pleasure to work with. Kee will be featured in the next THREADS the magazine and just wait and see how much she has grown.

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