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Red Flags

"If love was measured by the things you say

Then I'd have to believe you

You say one thing and do another

Your actions speaks louder than “ I love you”

Yet I still haven’t caught up to the clues,

That shows the true color that is you

Red is all I see

Red flags they are following me

Yet my need to be loved by anyone, is clouding this judgement of mine

And instead of moving on, I’ll give you some more time

To get ya shit together

Because being with you is better than being alone

You are not the one I fell for your true colors, they have shown

So as I sit back and reflect

I am the red that I see

My worst fears have been staring right back at me

In this mirror of mine

My vision to growing

Has became a lot clearer in time

Being alone is better than, being in a place I do not belong

My love for self,

Is now more stronger than loving someone else."

-Sierra M. D.

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