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Queen bitch

I'm not for the street shit

Imperfectly perfect you’re damn right your worth it

Your on this earth for a purpose

everything you have you deserve it .

Life‘s been a little crazy like a circus.

Just trying to refocus.

A lot of motherfuckers are deceiving

really its for no reason , shits kinda bogus

Switching up like the seasons.

Mfs is weird for no reason

People come and they go ,

Honestly that’s just how Shit goes.

Most will try to discredit you with low  blows.

  Some men think it’s funny to call females hoes

Realistically , most of them are bozos.

Us females are always ten toes we play the main role Just letting y’all boost your ego

Fighting hating females  with knees and elbows

Cause' their man  in my DM

Calling me pretty

Don’t that shit sound silly

Welcome to the hating bitch committee.

Honestly, it’s a pity just be  looking for other females to come up with me

A lot of you have big dreams

Most females think their the next supreme

That's superb.

The only problem is a lot of you bitches

don’t even know how to correlate your words.

YES , I said bitches

Because there’s a difference between us and them ,

I express my self with a pen

YOU express your self acting like the bird from the hen you was laid in

I’m not throwing shots

Y'all just fold under pressure when the kitchens to hot

Half this generation thinks it’s cute to be a thot

Guess what ?

It’s not !

Don’t have a pot to piss in

or a window to throw it out of

That’s not some shit to be proud of

At this point

it’s imperative to switch the narrative .

They feening for a reason

It’s easier to hate you and negate you

Then to just congratulate you

There’s no time to lean

Fix your crown queen

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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