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"I came up with a million excuses why

Why I shouldn’t show up for myself

A list of reasons why I am not worthy

And these words I speak do nothing for me

But what if

What if

What I’m saying right now

Turns on that light switch

In ya head

And you’re no longer who they say you are

but now you are channeling who u were destined to be

Stepping into your power

So effortlessly

See fear,

It can cripple you,

it can cripple me

I don’t know everything but what I do know is

I am meant to be here in this moment

Sharing this knowledge,

don’t give up, just keep on going

Because if I didn’t

Keep going

You and I wouldn’t be sharing this moment

Here in divine time

Where your truths are not less than or greater than mine

Just love & light"

-Sierra M. D.

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