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Prisoner of Fantasy Land

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Your a prisoner in fantasy's land, you see .. it's really the Fantasy of me being wild and free. They be eating it up and can't get enough of it... Me just being me stepping into my divine femininity.

Butttt that's what has them choosing lust over me, I'm getting used to it this is how it always be... Lusting for what they see but not seeing the true me and that mean even the ugly parts that have a tendency of going unseen.

Eye candy galore, I told you they just be eating this shit up!

When I hear their ideals of me and what they want to do to me it really makes me wanna puke for sure..

They get just a teeny taste of their ideal of me and what it could be and they want more.

The thrill of the unknown is what keeps them craving me…

But I’m that bitch ! I’ll keep you waiting you see…

The way I walk my way and talk my talk is what you can continue to lust for


Instead of thinking about the different ways you can have me, What about thinking about the heights you can take me to…

by just simply stroking my mind. That’s the type of shit I see as masculine and divine. That’s the type of energy that can get a little piece of my time.

NOT these weak “what’s good babyyy” pick up lines. That energy shows me in a drop of a dime it’s already a waste of time.

Constantly being chased for the way I carry myself and others thoughts of me.

I just can’t wait for the day the real me is seen.

Not the sexy fantasy girl you painted in your head laying in your bed...

But when y’all see I’m more than just this vessel. Im mind and spirit as well…

but it’s all good ima go through the motions because I see the bigger picture, it more to it then just my emotions. So when I say I have the potition I mean it for real! I’ll continue to have you believing that she’s one hell of a time. Having you wishing you can say you see that girl I want her to be mine even if it's for a little bit of time... It be the thoughts and the thrills that drives them to have no chill ...

ima continue to do what I do… Despite how I caught your eye, I have your attention don't I ?

Sex sells and just know I can wear it alright.. I can wear that shit damn well if I have to but I'm not what you paint me out to be in your little fantasy.

I won’t drive myself crazy trying to prove who I am.  Because I know who I am. Just know I know what I’m doing ima keep you wishing in YOUR fantasy land...

"Prisoner of Fantasy land"- Sk 🖤✨

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