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Photoshoot Ready!!!

So you want to be a model, photoshoots will no doubt be involved in your career. You should start preparing at least two weeks before the photoshoot. First, lets talk wardrobe. Of course, it will depend on the photoshoot but I find its best to keep it simple and versatile (I'll get into that more later) Your wardrobe should reflect the mood that you have decided on for the shoot and the photoshoot theme. Here is a list of items that I would recommend for your photoshoot wardrobe:

- Black leggings ( go for something with good coverage at the crotch and butt so you don't get any accidental cheek shots)

- Black long sleeve shirt, ideally made from a stretchy fabric such as spandex

  • - Nude color undergarments are a must for every shoot.

  • - Mix and match color tank tops, preferably with spandex fabric as well. These can be worn under or over your long sleeve shirt or by themselves.

  • - Mix and match colored sports bras. Again you want to stick to the darker colors such as reds, blacks, and purples for these because they will provide better coverage than

  • - Shoes shoes shoes!!! and more shoes. Always bring options for shoes. You really never know what will work best with the camera, lighting, and scene.

  • - Have a pair of tall socks that you can wear with different shoes. You should also have a black and a white bra that you can wear underneath your shirts for photoshoots.

  • - Bring a belt to add depth and detail to your photo shoot wardrobe.

  • - A sewing kit can be a lifesaver on set. Yes, accidents can and will happen. There is nothing worse than having your day ruined by a wardrobe malfunction.

  • - Hair products and tools really depend on where the photoshoot will take place. If you know it's going to be a long photoshoot, bring a hairbrush blow dryer, etc.

  • - Bring options for what type of makeup look you want to go for. This can either be dramatic or natural depending on what look is being

Understand the assignment. Modeling is not always about the model. What look is the photoshoot trying to achieve? Bring options for what type of a photoshoot you know is going to happen. Nails done!!! These details are often the difference between a good shoot and a memorable shoot - dark colors are always slimming, avoid neons unless they fit in with the photoshoot theme. At least bring them in case they fit in with the shoot.

Getting ready for photoshoots involves a lot of mental and physical preparation before you even get to the shoot. Always focus on breathing, whether it be simple deep breaths or meditative yoga breathing. Sometimes getting ready for a photoshoot can be nerve-wracking, so focusing on breath can be calming and help center you in preparation for what's ahead.

Get excited! Find your photoshoot outfit (suitcase, shower) and try it out! This will help you figure out what shoes go with it as well as start getting into photoshoot mode.

Put your photoshoot outfit together including shoes, belts, ties. If you are feeling nervous before the photoshoot check yourself in the mirror! If you are wearing something uncomfortable or that doesn't make you feel as photogenic as possible, change into something better until you look and feel great! Put on makeup - photoshop will take care of blemishes but don't go crazy with layers of foundation and color corrector. Hair should be done to your preference - if photoshoots happen early in the morning or late at night make sure to do a trial run so you know what works best for you. Put on photoshoot jewelry- photo jewelry can really dress up your photoshoot outfit!

Be at your absolute best and have fun fun fun!!!!! If photoshoots are scheduled during the day make sure to avoid a super heavy night of drinking or partying before. Preparing for a photoshoot is about looking your best and feeling great! Draw inspiration from magazines, other photoshoots you've seen online, bloggers, etc... The goal is to look photogenic while dressing in a way that flatters your body type.


Lastly get that all-important good night's rest. One of the secrets to photogenic beauty that will improve your overall appearance by at least 20% Can't tell you how many times I have photographed people with bags under their eyes after staying up all night working on something - it's never a good look ;)

It really helps too if you do a trial run

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