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Perfections of a Woman

Updated: Jan 31

I was sitting one day reflecting and from afar I could feel someone staring in my direction.

A stranger, it was a perfectly beautiful stranger, so I looked away nervously at what he thought. As I sat, he approached and asked me the simplest question

HOW are you so perfect?

So, I answer with a question


Him, Yes YOU

Well A lot of people wonder where my secret lies and most think they know the inner workings of a wom.

But Me I’m far from perfect.

I’ve been told My body is sculpted to be the definition of perfection but there’s just one exception, all these little imperfections that all you men tend to question just off your first impression. Then We start to question something that would have never even made ME insecure, I mean DAMN, I used to feel like it was my biggest blessing and HE

He changed my perception on what I thought was so beautiful when I looked at my reflection.

But again, that’s just another lesson taught by a selfish man who expected more from what he considers “PERFECTION”

So, I gave it to him RAW like the meat he saw in front of him

Could see right in those eyes he was beastin’

Damn, this boy was hungry

like this body would be his next feastin'

See my BODY isn’t an apology.

I’m not the canvas to your paint brush


I’m unapologetic for what you thought a woman should be because really that’s pathetic, projecting your inadequate fantasy on such a simple girl like me

Perfection: is untouched and polished kind of like the trophy you assumed I’d be.

Change the narrative,

The question is what makes me unapologetically me?

The curves in my hip dips or

my big brown eyes you stare into just to fall in love with the way my words stroke your ego How my fingertips could caress your trauma and now you’re safe and I’m your safe space.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I could make you fall in love with 3 words to your tempo, so we’ll reverse this misconception and start back at the intro.

He apologized, I could see the pity in his eyes because the thing that lies between my thighs, I assume he thought would be the winning prize, so I humbled him and despite my body hungry for what else he saw through them big, dreamy eyes I waited to hear what this MF would reply

(Rolls eyes)

and after all that he says

All I see sitting here is nothing less than perfect

Honestly, I think your worth it and clearly, you’ve been broken so my question made you lose your focus and what I’m saying I’m sure you think is fucking bogus

of course, you're not the canvas you're the painter who painted the version you assumed I wanted you to be


have the audacity to be this beautiful when everything around you seem so ugly, and your skin is golden like the honey from a bee

You're like a poetry book, you have to read every single letter and then digest every single word

Every single part of your imperfections paints a bigger picture ... I know you thought I was looking for a chick with a perfect figure.

See that’s funny because I like my women much thicker and I’m not talking about your hip dips and the way your hips switch

I’m talking about with tougher skin then the one you're in because your offended by everything a man has to say.

I’m sure you thought I came to play

on your heart strings like jungle gym.

Really your eyes can steal a heart, your smile can give life, your presence is a natural high and I’d hate to say goodbye but clearly, we’ll never see eye to eye.

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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