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Owning it

I’m owning my shit each and every day! I’m learning that although I’m flawed, it’s deeper than what people can see or what they say!

Owning it is more than being ok w people judging me. Owning it is accepting me for me while I find a way to be free mentally. Owning it is learning that I too can be the problem. I sometimes allow my fear of the traumas I’ve faced to take up way too much space in my mental, which can very much so be detrimental. Building brick walls to keep others out as I secure what Iove I have left for myself.

Owning it is much more then saying “Hey I know I got issues” and then doing absolutely nothing to fix you! You can identify the warning signs and triggers which is always great.. but WAIT! Can you handle them once they present themselves and it’s all in your face?

Yeah I know we all get overwhelmed but can you create a healthier mental state? & yes you can throw it up in the air as a debate and see who can relate but how other people feel about you on the outside can not help you heal what you feel on the inside. So you have to be real with yourself and own it! You for sure can control it!

You know life has a pretty funny way of humbling us, allowing us to think others have fumbled us when in all reality it’s us who allowed it to happen. They didn’t fumble us we allowed the negative part of our darkness to take over then started pointing fingers at everyone else. Blaming him, blaming her, blaming them, when really we need to dig deep within. Is it them? I mean it could be partially but It’s not all them. We think pointing fingers at others is a win, when it’s really a sad loss! Projection is not a form of protection and that's something that need to be overstood. Yeah the bullshit we been through makes it hard to trust but owning it and really really owning your part is a must!

"Owning it" - Sk

📸 x Mark Davis

Journal topics : When being triggered it's important that we find healthy ways to cope! What are some ways you cope when being triggered?

Below are some questions you can ask yourself once you identity a trigger. I also included some healthy tips on how to cope w triggers I'd also like to add some great advice that I had got from my girl Benziee which has been helping me alot! She suggested that when I'm feeling impulsive like I want to react to give myself 24 hours before reacting to see if I still feel the need to react how I orginally planned and man this has helped me stay out of a lot of situations lol it has allow s me to calm my mind and think before I react.

Good luck and Happy journaling ✍🏽 I wish you all the best!

Sending love, light and healing energy always,

Simply Keem 🖤

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