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It was me who was apart of the problem, This whole time...

ME vs ME

Although in my head I made it..


I was so oblivious to the shit I did. My hand in the mix. Just simply fixing up my fix. Not seeing anything wrong in what I've did .

It was me having a victim mentality for me... Thinking I'm oblivious to this shit whole time I had a hand in it too.... Trapped in this mental space that I failed to realize what roles I've played.

Playing the blame game calling people out their names . Now that I reflect I'm beyond ashamed to say

I was an active player in that game.

Just sitting around Oblivious to my own shit....

Pointing my finger at you! Getting mad at everything you do it's true!

But in this moment I now know it isn't just you! It's me too!

Im taking my head out of space

And realizing what I had playing in my head isn’t always the case.

Ima own up to that tho !

I'm no longer being oblivious to my shit!

No more sweeping it under the rug just

because it's me!

I'm a real believer and day dreamer which plays a huge role in my demeanor.

Instead of being the ideals of this and that

I'm appreciating the stillness and the growth because man if I really do say so myself healing really does take a toll .

The shit that was oblivious to me before I now see right through. In front of my face the whole time but I acted as if I never knew.

I guess the victim in me now has some clarity. I became so self absorbed always just wanting more and more instead of appreciating the AH HA moment and what's right in front of me at the door.

But no I wanted more and more trying to even out the score! But now that I'm here I get it ! IT CLICKS!! I'm no longer oblivious to my own shit!

Oblivious x Sk 🖤✨


Journal topic:

Has there ever been a time you actually realized that you had hands in something that wasn't so good or healthy for a friendship or a relationship? If so what made you realize you had some part in whatever it is. We're you oblivious at first? If so what was your AH HA moment ?

Answer the questions and reflect!

Sending love, light and healing energy always! Good luck and happy journaling !

Simply Keem ❤️‍🩹✨

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