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This is a dangerous game

But who’s to blame

Anything to numb the pain


Cuts to the wrist

Whiskey washed lips

Knife to the grain

No more pain

nothing gained

repeated shame

Suicide is no game

Fighting demons

There are no reasons

We cannot reason

Comes and goes like the Seasons

The cycle that keeps repeating

Satisfaction once we’re bleeding

This shit does not get easy

So we do what we can to exist

And we’re only existing

No one will listen

Constantly taking that risk

And yet we can’t forget

All those words they just stick

We cover pain with laughter

Wishing for a happy ever after

Most days it's dark

Hardest thing is not breaking your family’s heart

But we’re falling apart

you can’t even see

Just assuming this is a new “me “

We’ve been crying out for help

Just needed you to pay attention

Relieve some of this tension

We’re drowning even when we can swim

It’s getting darker

Feel like we can not win

And the cycle repeats

Pain is the retreat

-Nya Renee 🥶🖤✍️

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