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No Place Like Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I’m searching for a place that I’m not sure exist. No matter where I go or who I go with inside is a place filled w emptiness. Even in a beautiful house with a roof over my head and all my needs met! I know I’m blessed but still…

Here just doesn’t feel like home…

I’m convinced that it starts from within but damn something has to give. Life is beautiful when you actually live instead of survive. But still in this realm it seems we tend get overwhelmed.. with expectations of how life should be. Our version of what we consider the norm but still it isn’t enough because

Here just doesn’t feel like home..

Ever feel like your all alone in a house full of people? But let me tell you as long as you have faith, and you know that there’s more to life trust me when I say your gonna be alright! Once you find your soul place home will be wherever you make it! It won’t be a place where you have to fake shit! That alone is stronger then any secret potion! Trust me when I say you’ll go through the motions. When it’s your time life will smooth out all your worries. When there’s will you’ll always find your way needless to say!

Keep searching for your happy place! A place you can unapologetically be you . Believe in yourself and be confident in everything you do 🥰

-No place like home


Affirmation of the week: “I am laying roots where I please”

Lemmeeeee pick your brain 🙃

Journal Topic: Home

What’s does home mean to you? Is it a place or a feeling or person? Have ever craved a place your unsure exist? Have you ever felt that no matter what you do home does feel like home? Is there anything you could do to your current space to make it feel more like home? Can you think of a small change that might bring you a feeling of comfort? Can you think back to a time you felt like you were home? How long ago was it and what do you remember about it ? What are some childhood memories you have when you felt like you were home? What made you feel like home was home?

Do you think the ways people interact with each other in your household impact whether it feels like a home to you? If so How?

Good luck! && Happy journaling!

Sending love light and healing energy always! 🖤✨

- Sk

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