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New Year, New Rear! 3 Simple Moves for a Beautiful Booty

Having a toned and curvy booty is trendy right now, and although there is shapewear and leggings to help you achieve the look of a beautiful shapely behind, there are a few simple moves you can do at home to create one!

Doing glutes (buttocks) exercises are important not just for looks but for posture and core strength. The buttocks has three layers of glutes, the outermost and largest layer is the gluteus maximus. This layer is also the largest muscle in the body and its job is to keep our core straight and aids us in going up stairs. But enough about the technical stuff, let’s get started on how to train the rear.

Glute Bridges

Lie on your back on the floor with feet flat on the floor and knees bent, arms are straight down by your sides with palms of your hands facing down as well. Lift hips off the floor while squeezing the buttocks, then lower hips back down to the floor. Repeat 12 to 15 times. For more of a challenge you can add a weight. Hold a small weight over your hips and do the same move. Another alternate move is to hold the hips in the air for several seconds while squeezing the buttocks. Guaranteed you will feel the burn on this one! Try holding your hips in the air for even just five seconds and lower, repeat 10-12 times.

Kick Backs

Get on your hands and knees, palms of the hands and tops of the feet lying flat on the floor. You can do this with or without a weight. Doing just one side at a time, place the weight behind the knee and lift the leg back while keeping the knee bent. Repeat this on both sides 15-20 times. Do three sets, resting about a minute between each set.

Chair Glute Raises

Grab a chair or stool from the kitchen and lie your stomach on the seat. Grab the legs of the chair with your hands and slowly lift the legs back squeezing the glutes at the top. Repeat this move 12-15 times. Please use extra precaution when doing this move for the first time or have someone with you. This move can be a little tricky but so effective!

So whether you are trying to look better in your favorite leggings or you just want to have a toned backside, these three simple moves can help you get there!

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