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Mind Trap

The Mind trap will have you not realizing how much time has passed. Trapped in a space where your mind has lapsed. Got you feeling like your mind has been compromised.

Because you been stuck in a hypnotic mental state that you absolutely hate.

Remember life is what you make it and no you don’t have to take shit.

Free your mind

Dive into the divine

Whats meant for you will come in due time

Calm the mind

And realign

Trust the process even when it doesn’t make sense. I know this shit can get intense. But don't take offense.

The universe knows what is needed and what to send. Raise your vibration and tap into high vibe frequencies. Tapp in and don't mind the forbidden secrecies.

This is just another chapter in your story

Keep pushing through

Keep going

Don’t fear the unknown

Sit on that throne

Put yourself in your zone

Don’t say a peep

Just take that leap

Watch what a little bit of discipline does

Change your zone

Some baby steps in the right way is all you need to convay and steer you in the right place

Give yourself some grace

This shit is far from a race

Like a lotus grow and flow

Detach and watch you get yourself right up outta that mind set that got you in a mind trap!


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