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Love Less

An eye for an eye

It feels like when we argue and fight

I wipe my tears and dry my eyes

I no longer allow myself to cry

Over you

Princess treatment only is my vibes

So I release all negativity

I cut most ties

From you

But not fully

I leave room open for those random nights I need to run to you

You and you only

Quick moments of satisfaction you give me

A temporary high

To cover up all the deceit and lies

But only for a moment

It doesn't take long to come to my senses

Get right back to defense

Why is it so easy to get caught up?

In something that's not even real?

All of this for an emotion you can't even feel?

Sheesh, what a fucking a mess

That's why I gotta think more, and love less.

Love and positivity always 🫶🏽

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