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Live In Flow

Let go of the ideal that you have to force certain things in order for things to work in your favor.

Simply live in flow…

After all you never know how much of a weight will be lifted off your shoulders, when you grasp the fact that you don’t have to stress every single time life throws you a test. Don’t get upset! All you can do is try your best.

Just live in flow…

In life shit happens. you don’t have to always react. Its okay to say “Yeah, Nope not today! Maybe I’ll take a moment to think and try another way!” Take a self day. Make time for you!

Simply live in flow…

The universe will see if you truly want the things that you asked for. Hold on tight no need to put up a fight. Dont resist put down your fist! Just enjoy the ride. Even if things fall apart trust in yourself! Worse case scenario you create a new plan and rebuild. No matter how you look at it you have to work with the hand that has been dealt. In the end it will all work itself out as long as you remember to let go of the thought of having to be in control.

Just live in flow.

- Sk 🖤✨

Journal topic

What things can you do to help yourself be less resistant to the curve balls life throws at you?

What are some ways or some mantras you can create to help you live in flow?

When you hear the word flow what comes to mind?

try answering these questions either to yourself & out loud or even pull up your notes or pull out your journal! Whatever your method is! Happy Reflecting!!

Sending Love, Light and Healing energy ALWAYS,

-Simply Keem

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