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Just Another Pretty Face

"Ohhhh gurrrrl! You got a pretty face you should be modeling." I really wish I had a dime for everytime I've heard that phrase. Ok not actually that one, but you get the general idea. So many times when I book a shoot, a young women says they are interested in becoming a model and often times they site their friends telling them how pretty they are as their sole motivation for persuing this line of work. So let's take a deeper dive into that theory.

Are models "pretty"? I use quotation marks because I use the word with a bit of sarcasm. What the hell is pretty at the end of the day? Really it just refers to someones objective opinion of what they find pleasing at this particular point in time. I say that because I can just remember a short time ago when dark complexions were not considered pleasing by many and they occupied almost zero space in the model universe. There was also a short time ago when almost nobody would consider an certain body types or facial features (full lips or big behinds) attractive or desirable. So the word pretty has very little value or miledge in the modeling world. So why do we use it?

I'm by no means a specialist on human behavior and I difenately won't pretend to know more then I actually do for the purpose of this blog. However, I do pride myself in keeping it authentic. So understand before I take this dive that this is just one man's opinion, and opinions are like you know what, and everyone has one. I believe that when you reduce modeling to a pretty face, it is just another way of tossing shade at someone or the art in general. It is simply looking at a person and thinking because of the way they look they have the grit to walk a stage in six inch stilettos or go to a studio and pose in a outfit that leaves little to the imagination and creates a story in pictures without saying a single word. Modeling is an art form. Looking at it as anything else is either based on your ignorance or your desire to demean those who have the talent and have worked countless hours to perfect the skill.

Are models "pretty"? I guess some are based on what people may perceive as the widely accepted understanding of the word. Even still many don't fit into that category but are still incredibly successful models. They have something, I really can`t put my finger on it but you know the moment they walk into the studio. It definitely is so much more then a pretty face. I mean technically anyone who poses for a picture or painting can be considered a model but this surely feels like we are shorting those people that have taken the craft to that different level. I mean that person that hits poses and angles on demand. The person that you give them a prop and they just nail it. Even more when you give them a theme and they completely body it because they have the ability and the know how to get into chacacter on demand and bring a directors vision to life. I have had the pleasure of working with such talent and let me tell you a "pretty" has nothing to do with that.

Finally lets just get something straight. Even if your an exceptional model, "pretty" and have that special grit to look rejection in the eye and keep pushing. Youn have very little chance of actually supporting yourself as a model. That designation belongs to that special one percent, however thats not to say you can't make money doing it. A good friend of mine with an incredible modeling and acting body of work always says to me "modeling won't pay the bills." So hold on to your day job. You can make some extra cash if you don't rely on your so called pretty face and devote some time into perfecting and working on your craft. I say this to simply say if your coming into modeling because everyone says your a pretty face, well, it takes more then lipstick and lashes to be a model. If you lack the hard work , grit, and professionalism that it takes to be a model. well that's all you will be. Another pretty face.

Tell me what you think. Like I said this is just my opinion.

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