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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

If You Know You Know!

They love how real you are until you start to hit them with some real shit in all honesty they don’t wanna hear it. Does my bluntness truly offend you? Is it because the words that leave my lips when I speak hit you something different?

Tell me…

Feedback is always welcome. I never said I was perfect! But one thing for sure and two things for certain I’ll never lose my voice! That’s one of the biggest things I learned being someone’s second choice. When wearing your heart on your sleeve they’ll take your kindness for weakness especially if have a soft voice.

You wanna know why?

Because they know I’m one of the chosen! I speak mind with purpose and my intentions are always pure but sometimes when I speak I can’t be sincere because you hear what you wanna hear… Your interpretation of what I intend to say goes left. Are you really being open minded? Are you truly trying your best? Your views on me and the way I think has you speaking down on me as if I’ve committed the super crime.

But that’s okay! Let’s agree to disagree because regardless I know who I am meant to be! But if In your world I’m the villain then so be it. Your opinion on me won’t change how I’m feeling because everything you’ve said I’ve said worse about me to self! But those thoughts don’t live here anymore! That door closed after a session in the dark! It was what I needed it gave me that spark and now I know who I am at heart ! So go ahead and speak your part.

I know it’s a challenge when someone hits you with some realness. Trust me when I say I had to deal with a lot of shit in stillness. I meditated on it and realized No matter how you look at it life is a journey and we’re all connected. To each their own. Being kind is fine but it isn’t until you hit them with something real then they stop talking or wanna walk away because they know you know the deal! You called them on their bluff of course that shit is tough! Ego and pride when unbalanced will eat you alive if you let it. But that’s when you let spirit take you on that ride!

I get it were all cool till we ain’t cool no more….

But when you look in the mirror you gotta deal with who you are. You think I’m bad wait till you sit in your own darkness. Instead of being angry w me chop it up with self don’t forget to analyze and talk bout the hands you were dealt. Let me be real with you. When it’s all said and done you’re the one who gotta sit there and think. You think you can hide you from you? Think again! To the public you can continue to project and pretend But these are your cards so far! Truth be told I ain’t tryna leave no scars! That ain’t even the case I’m just tryna get you to think… a different way! I guarantee one encounter with me will have you clearing up your vision. Hey don’t they say the sky is the limit but I ain’t even gonna hold you isn’t that’s another lie?

If you know you know for real.

The journey is to heal and experience life.



“Fear ain't in the heart of me, I learned just do it. You get courage from your fears right after you go through it.” – T.I

Lemme pick your brain 🙃

Journal topic:

1) Have you ever had a moment that you realized growing up you were taught something that was a lie the whole time? Once you found out you were lied to how did it make you feel? Who lied to you? Was it on purpose And if you were able to know the truth from the jump how would it change who you are today? Would it have changed for better or for worse?

2) Your biggest critic is usually yourself! You know what your capable of and what your talents are. you also know your downfalls. When it comes to yourself what is something that only you know about you? Something you may be scared to face. Think about it and think of ways you can work on that specific thing! What are some things you can do to help you get over your fears? think about it and reflec!

good luck and happy journaling !

Sending love, light and healing energy always,

-Sk 🖤✨

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