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My intuition never lies

Guess you enjoy seeing me cry

Lie after lie

Questioning myself why

Conversations turn dry

Looking for reasons to get bye

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

Invested my heart

Never thought we’d grow apart

You were my person

I seen you as perfect

You had my heart

And you broke it

Your ego id stroke it

This pain you provoked it

Was all this even worth it ?

I wasn’t looking for perfect

But I deserve it !!

This position I earned it

Old memories I burned them

Loving you gave me purpose

I seen past your surface

Didn’t believe them when I heard it

What if I made you feel how I feel

Could you deal ?

Or pretend its no big deal

What if i was out cheating ?

Sneaking and creeping

Location pinned

Calling my phone again and again

Telling you “ its just my friend”

Now your pacing , heart racing

And you need clarity ?

Bare with me

Situation got you pressed

Showed you quickly

I’m not like the rest

thought she was best ?


Put that ass to the test

Now you loosing rest

You stressed ?

Your a loser


I’ll never be just an option

This whole time you been plotting

Silly me to think we been rockin

Thank god for iPhones and message blocking

Fuck all that “we’re locked”

Deleted all the message you sent

Crazy I can’t forget your scent

Poured up the henny

Heart feeling heavy

Singing songs in my car

all bent

Pause for a second


The memories I can’t forget

Now I’m sending text

Saying shit I’ll probably regret ...


I want this MF off my mind

He call back I decline

Better luck next time

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤 🥶

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