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True To Me

When it comes to self, I always put me on the back burner. I decided it’s time to step up and take a leap a little further. No more playing it safe. It’s time to escape the calm feeling of comfort. I’m letting go of the fear that holds me back. I’m over the feeling of being so scared to the point I feel as if I’m defenseless and being attack! But that’s all in my mental! I know thoughts create reality, so I have to change my mentality! Time to get rid of all this mental madness we call anxiety. It’s easier said than done when you’ve been in the trenches it’s hard to see the sun! This is just the beginning though. I can feel the shift. I decided to embrace me and be a tad bit selfish.

I talk my talk sometimes not knowing if I can back it up but today is the day, I decided that from this day and on everything I say will match my talk and my walk because I believe in me and all I aspire to be. Regardless how people see me or make me out to be. I’m setting goals and rebuilding my old foundation because in my journey I’ve learned new information and now is the time for me to unlatch the latch and open up. No more of me allowing anyone to hold me back including me because sometimes I’m my own enemy! The time is here for me to redefine who I’m meant to be! I’m showing up for myself every time I make a promise. Words hold no weight when your actions don’t match up or relate. It’s me and my timing. No more moping around with a smile upside down. Going with the flow day by day just letting time pass away! I'm done doing that I’m putting out everything my mind has created and designed. I know that I am going to be just fine. Divine timing has always been a thing to me. I know it’s my angel’s way of protecting me spiritually from the things I cannot see. But while they're doing that, I'm staying true to me!

True to me - SK

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