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Updated: Mar 3, 2022


Hey there intuition I feel like it’s time you get some recognition! You’re the little voice inside that keeps it real and never lies. You honestly may be the only reason I’ve been getting by. You‘re for sure the reason I can say I am still alive.

My inner compass, you help me out and guide. The signals you send to me I feel them in my gut! Forever looking out for me your always on time even when I’m feeling rushed. With every question I’ve ever asked the answers have been embedded within!

Intuition your the reason I instinctively know! No matter what I’m dealing with you always peep the foes! I’m working on quieting the mind and listening another way because I feel what I feel but I also feel what you say! I now overstand in a different way!

This life is an experience and your leading me and showing me the way! Intuitive Keem is who I am now and who I’ll always be! When dealing w me those need to make sure their intentions are pure because if not I’ll sense it before you can even form a sentence. I’m learning to be nurturing in other ways I know what I know now so trust me when I say I can love you but still I’ll walk away with my intuition I don’t play!


-Sk 🖤✨

lemme pick your brain 🙃

Good luck and Happy journaling !

Sending love, light and healing energy always,

Simply Keem


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