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The Names Nya Renee

Didn’t come to play

My pen is the sickest

Words flowing with the quickness

ya’ll mfs provoked this

I’m focused

Let’s Cut the small talk

Don’t get dog walked

y’all wanted some raw shit

now your drawn in


signed the petition

There is no competition

Submit the disposition

I know how to play my position

Don’t play with it

make you lay in it

put your face in it

now your craving it

Keep the feed back

I don’t need that

Kick my feet back


I’m fucking the game up

bringing my name up

Y’all mad I came up

That sucks

I been that

Your will ?

I wrote that

Body bag

Provoked that

This is my get back

So sit back


track star

Tryna keep up

That’s hard

Drop my piece

Y’all repost

The games cold

Cock back and reload

pulled up in a peacoat

Just giving y’all a peep show

No creep though

You peep how my pen flow

This just the beginning of my intro

Let’s gooooo !

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