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Striking when the iron is hot just simply isn’t enough. Keeping it hot is why I’m calling your bluff.

It’s something about your energy that’s bringing out the Inner G in me. So just know all that I’m about to say is coming from me and my need to scrape it off my plate in the most humblest way...


Listen, I giggle and laugh a lot but I wasn’t kidding when I said I see right through your mask. The things I do bother you soo soo bad. The way I elevate by simply just being me, takes a toll on your mind mentally, shifting your energy and lowering your frequency, showing your hidden animosity and secrecy.

It’s the little shots that are constantly being fired. I dodge them because I know deep down your known for being a liar who secretly admires. Complementing me just to slap me in the face. Just know im over it, I’m tired! Me pretending I don't know so I don't disturb your flow is over. I see it for what it is. And you can't get over on me.

You can’t find who you want to be so you try to be a different version of me.

Sorry not sorry,

can’t nobody be me because I’m already taken! Your getting shit twisted, you've got me mistaken.

You need to look within and see that hidden envy is still envy I don't care how much you try to be over the top and friendly. I see right through it .

I'm calm, cool and collective but don't get it twisted , the InnerG in me is calling your bluff, because your trying me thinking you're tough!



You could never be all that I inspire or aspire to be because what your giving off is ugly energy. Trying to drag me because your mad your not in the same position, I just don't get it because I would never throw shade from the sidelines, especially when it's your time because that was never the mission But that's the difference you love being bitter like dry wine. But you better get in line because what's meant for me is mine!

Ya know? The key to being free mentally is to be you not me! I bet you wouldnt dare agree because you always have to try to get one up on me.

Your mentally gonna fck yourself trying to out do everything I do. Take a step back and instead of doing me, just simply do you!

You honestly have no clue what it takes because you've been doing nothing but being phony and fake which is the reason I'm seeing more and more that you yourself are a snake. At this rate I know you don't have what it takes.

I just had to unleash a piece of the Inner G in me because you've taken it too far trying to be me that you ain't really seeing me for me. You can keep your weird energy away from me because next time I'm fully unleashing the InnerG Beast in me!

"InnerG" x Simply Keem


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