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Inner Child(Part 2)


“Baby girl was molested and abused

She grew up hurt and confused

What does love mean to her

Especially if “I love you” was followed by abuse

She’s been quiet for so long

Hiding behind anger and sadness

It’s now time, for this inner child to speak her truth

All she needed was someone to listen to her, as she confessed all that she’s been through

Instead her silence was taken for granted

So she started acting out in school

Anything to get anyone to ask her “What is wrong with you?

That day never came, so in order to stay sane she listened to music, that was her getaway

Take me anywhere, that’s not here is what she would say to herself as she made away to mask her true feelings

She became numb to feeling

Seeking out a way to feel less empty, she pick up weed and started to smoke heavy

It took her pain away, temporary pain, blacked out all those rainy days

So she can see there’s better days

Where she can be heard by the ones she loves,

It really be the ones you hold close

They overlook you when you need them the most

That inner child just wanted someone to tell her “everything will be alright it’s not your fault you went through all of that, put down ya fists you don’t need to fight. You’re voice is heard!” So that she can sleep at night.”

-Sierra M. D.


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