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Inner Child

Inner child

Hey you, Inner Child. I can feel your energy, what can I do to make you smile?

I know there’s wounds but let’s clean them and give those boo boos some kisses for now. Let’s just kiss them and imagine them healed. While I’m here, let’s do something to make you feel better. What do you say? Deal?

Don’t be lame, my stubborn inner child! Let’s play a game! I want to make you smile! Bubble gum, bubble gum in a ditch? Or Maybe Ms.Mary Mack? Red Rover, Red Rover? Red Light Green Light? How about tag? Or even a race! Oh I know, Cat's Cradle was always one of your faves, but with these games you need two or more people to play.

I see all you wanted was to laugh and play a bunch of innocent kid games. You just wanted to have a good time with people who you felt were a good vibe regardless of who they are. You loved them for all of them, but you truly admired their silly, goofy sides.

Baby girl, once you go through life, you’ll see it still applies. The thought of a good time will continue to include people being themselves, showing their silly side to you; that will always be a vibe. But something you’ll learn is vibing alone is an unmatchable vibe! When you got you, you don’t need a tribe to have a good time. Digging down deep into who you're destined to be in the end will attract people on the same frequency. Finding the fun in being alone is very humbling, despite your need to be around a team. You have the answers. You know your needs! So don’t go around asking for help! Look within and believe. You are the key! You have the answers! You're all you need!

Soo Inner Child, I can feel your energy. I want you to know you are your greatest asset. With that being said, I’ll come back and we’ll have fun again! But remember to smile, my inner child!


Simply Keem

“Inner child”

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