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Indulge In Self Love

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Who better to love you than you?

You can search all you want for love but we all know It starts with self!

Depending on others for your happiness will lead to nothing but disappointments.

How are you a god/goddess and expect to be treated as such yet you lack the basic fundamentals of self love

Self love is when you look in the mirror and can say I am worthy! I am loved I am beautiful ! I am kind and deserving …

And actually believe it !

Self love is when you want something and instead of expecting someone to get it for you you sit down think, create a plan and get it your mf self because you are capable and YOU love you enough to be able to handle your handle.

Self love is running your own bubble bath w candles lit

Self love is knowing when it’s time to withdrawal your self and take a self time out because you know you need it.

Self love is taking your self out

Self love is realizing your mistakes owning up to them and finding another way to handle a situation if a similar one was to ever occur

Self love is getting up each day and trying your best

Self love is throwing lashes on when your feeling down and bringing out that inner bad b*tch

Self love is identifying your triggers and acknowledging them

Self love is reminding self that you love to be here

Self love is drinking your water, taking care of your skin, body and health

Self love is the secret to wealth

Self love is laughing and enjoying the moment

Self love is being your own best friend

Self love is when you love who you are whole heartedly!

Self love is acknowledging being misunderstood and finding healthier ways to be heard

Self love is when you meditate and think

Self love is when you actively listen to inner you

Self love is giving yourself credit when it’s due

Self love is when you realize in order to love it starts with YOU!

Soooo w that being said indulge in self love and be a light leader and help others see their own light. We need more of those in the world 🖤✨

W love, light and healing energy,


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