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I’ve came to the conclusion it’s something about the ideals of me in my purest state that got these people feeling like I’m trying to eat off their plates.

It's crazy when I haven’t fully dug into my own damn plate for goodness sake. I’m still eating but I know I have what it takes which makes it hard for others to relate. .

But the first mistake is them thinking my intentions aren't pure like lil ol me didn't have what it takes to be mature. I realized that it’s just an illusion of theirs.

Got their thoughts causing confusions, got them tip toeing in and out of their thoughts not moving from their hearts because they can't stand the thought that someone else may actually have something good going for themselves. Not realizing what it it took to get here. Only if they could put the same amount of energy into better thinking, because what meant for them will be theirs.

Instead they're fogging up the mind when in all reality they’re scared to face what they feel inside. It's nothing but us being caught up in our own worlds that make it hard to confide.

Not realizing we're the ones controlling our own minds. Don't get caught up in delusions keep on moving because we're more what we think despite the negative things we may say to ourselves it's all an illusion don't let yourself stay in the confusion of these illusions.

"Illusions" x Sk

Journal topic

"Illusions vs Reality” explores the difference between what is real and what you think is real: the dreams you have and the reality you live in. It is about misinterpretation, how illusions can get in the way of reality and reality can get in the way of illusions. This theme explores the difference between what you think and what is fact, the difference between perception and reality, falsehoods and truth.

Write a poem, personal narrative, short story, or artwork:

- What did you know was false but convinced yourself was true? What did you know was true but convinced yourself was false?

- Which is more dangerous, illusions or reality?

- What would inspire you to deceive someone?

- Which do you prefer: illusions or reality?

- How do your illusions affect your reality?

- What masks do you wear?

Use one of these story starters to help you figure out what path you want to take to write your piece.

( journal topic from )

Good luck and happy journaling!

Sending love, light and healing energy always!

Simply Keem ❤️🩹

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