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Hurt People, Hurt People


”Some days it could be hard for me to walk around so happily and bubbly

In this lifetime I endured pain

Pain that took a toll on me, collectively and individually

And as much as I say it doesn’t bother me

I never had the time to, heal properly

So bare with me, I have fear in me

Tears in my eyes, there’s blood on my hands

They say “hurt people, hurt people”

Well if I must admit I was apart of that cycle, it was all part of the plan

“Hurt them before they hurt you”

Was always in my brain that’s why I stayed 10 steps ahead of the game

Can’t get caught up in love, if you did, then you was lame

Ended up being the same as everyone else

Thinking love was a game

This hurt person, hurt you

So now I’m righting my wrongs,

With the knowledge that unconditional love, is the highest vibration of all.”

-Sierra M. D.


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