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Homeless heart

He said she’d never find a love like this

Meanwhile he was beating her with his fist

His words unkind , chills to the spine

The last words she heard “your mine”

At first she was blind

Stricken by his love

Put him first

He was above


Black and blue

her family had no clue and she believed him

He loved her through and through

But how could he love her ?

why did she stay ?

Beaten and mistreated

Left on the floor bleeding and leaking

Makeup kissed lips his hands around her hips

At first he  was trusting

and Her ?

All in love

blushing ,

Like a little kid she was crushing

Now she’s crushed and this was his adrenaline rush

Covering her scars with foundation and blush

This wasn’t love it was lust

This love is now hate

How the hell did this become her fate

From the words of a broken heart

She has to get out and restart shes much more then The bag he punched on

She’s bleeding from the heart

Wanting to be wined and dined not sold to his  boys for a dime

All this time he was the pimp

Sold her soul for a Little Rock and now shes on his clock .

Locked in his chamber

How the fuck could she allow him to put her life in danger and Shame her

Heart filled with anger

Cook and clean

What the fuck do you mean ?

supposed to be your queen

not a slave , enslaved  in his sick ways

Down bad for days and days

And most days she prayed

“Come and up lift me

How the fuck did you trick me “

Pretty and smart

He used her from the start

Raised his fist one more time

Shes run out of time

Think quick

cocks back , CLICK CLICK

She fired back

Anger fed

She’s seeing red

Blood shed

It’s done

He won

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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