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Hello, It's Me Your Higher Self

"Come closer, let me whisper in ya ear

I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear

I'm going to call out all your fears

One day, soon enough they all disappear

Like the fog in the air

Your path is blurry, but your vision is crystal clear

You have big dreams and sooner than later they’ll appear

Believe in yourself

Believe you are near

Let patience be your compass

It’s okay to conquer all your fears,

Sad, angry, happy, you will have all sorts of tears

Let them fall down

But don’t you dare continue to frown

You made it to see a brand new day

You have paved a path by going the wrong way, on that one way

All this to say, we made it

We conquered all our fears

Now all we can cry are happy tears

Thank you higher self for, that whisper in my ear."

- Sierra M. D.

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