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Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness

It’s me again

Im think I’m ready this time.

I came to talk hopefully this will ignite a spark! Just know this is coming from the heart! I’m trying with all my might! I no longer wanna fight or take flight! But this time I’m here to get some real insight!

First I want to apologize for making you seem bad all the time! Without you I would have never even known to look for the light! Your truly my friend my best friend at that! So tell me why were always going head to head?

I know being on this spiritual path there are conversations that need to be had! I know a lot of the time I’ll be sitting in my darkness feeling all alone but your the main one I need to learn from to grow. I need to break off the pad lock on that door and go through the skeletons that are locked away in the back of the coldest deepest darkest part of the closet. I need to overstand why I buried these things super deep so I can speak and say my piece to be at peace.

Im coming to terms with the fact that I need you! We’re made in the image of the most high birthed from the universe! From the darkness comes stars! That’s exactly what we are! So I need you to reveal what’s real so that we can heal! The hidden truths that I subconsciously hidden from myself! You know it all tell me and help! The good and the bad. Im ready to be balanced out!

So instead of fighting can you just hug me tight and let me know everything is alright. Your apart of me and I know it because i can feel it inside! You make me whole! We can agree to disagree at times but remember we are one. There is no me without you and no you without me! Can’t you see we’re a team! Let s figure this out together Darkness I love you! You are my bestfriend! Together we’ll get through this and grow 🤞🏾

“Hello Darkness”

-SK 🖤

Lemme pick your brain 🙃🖤

I dare you to challenge yourself!

Can you create a poem on Darkness ? How about a Haiku? A Haiku consist of syllables of 3-5-3 or 5-7-5! Here’s my attempt!

DARK Sitting in the dark (5)

Looking Deeper for a Spark (7)

We Are One At Heart (5)

your turn 😊

Journal Writing Prompt:

With Love, Light and Healing energy,

- Simply Keem 🖤

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